Really useful? The guardian of the summer tyre explosion-proof method

In the summer, how the car explosion-proof tyre became many owners are most concerned about things. Because, according to statistics, on the highway is about 1 / 3 of the traffic accident is caused by tire failure, which the main and a flat tire. Then, a car tyre explosion proof of knowledge emerge in an endless stream of summer. Say to reduce tire pressure explosion-proof tyre, also said filling nitrogen and anti burst, Jiade aluminum forging said so online these explosion-proof tyre method exactly by not fly it?

When it comes to summer explosion-proof tyre first thought, many people's mind flashed is usually reduced tire pressure. Because everyone learned to thermal expansion and contraction of the principle, the thermal expansion of the gas, if the tire pressure is too high, a heating certainly easy puncture. So, many owners will enter the summer, it is natural to put a low tire pressure 0.1-0.2BAR. However, this seems to be a reasonable way, in fact, it will be counterproductive.

Because there are a lot of steel wire used to pull the entire tire. Aluminum forgings, Fang said in the tire pressure is insufficient driving, due to the irregular deformation of tire, tire wire deformation, wire deformation result is, a sharp increase in the temperature of steel wire, it is prone to fracture phenomenon. Coupled with the driving process, the tire temperature rise, it will increase the possibility of a puncture. And tire pressure than normal value increased 0.1 or 0.2 bar, can effectively reduce due to the deformation of the tire, tire wire fracture deformation, thereby reducing the possibility of a puncture. So, reduce the tire pressure is not reliable!

Nitrogen gas is also considered to be a "good" method for summer proof tyres. Since nitrogen is inert gas molecules than oxygen free travel, in the low permeability rubber. Therefore, the tire pressure drop rate greatly reduced, to maintain the normal tire pressure time growth. At the same time, the change of the temperature of nitrogen in volume expansion than the air containing moisture content is low, thus reducing the chance of blowout.

However, we have done an experiment on the left, in the same car and right tire respectively filled with nitrogen and air. Then, each run 10km records the tire pressure and temperature, Fang aluminum forgings and draw a conclusion that the result is, "nitrogen thermal expansion coefficient of low, low thermal conductivity, slow temperature rise," the characteristics in the practical application effect is not obvious. So the summer for tire nitrogen to prevent puncture method is not desirable.

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