The talk of forged aluminum wheels in the domestic situation

Fang aluminum alloy forging learned Alcoa (Alcoa. Alcoa) is the world's leading primary aluminum, aluminum and alumina manufacturers, is currently the world's largest integrated aluminum products manufacturer. Alcoa Inc is active in the major areas of the industry, and constantly to provide products for the major markets of innovative solutions. Alcoa service object covers the aviation industry, automobile industry, packaging industry, construction industry, commercial transportation etc.. Alcoa is related to commercial transport industry, including product for the customer provides all kinds of automobile components with high performance and integration: from the body and chassis suspension system tailor-made profiles, casting, sheet to forging aluminum alloy rims for; from fastening systems to integrated design solution scheme and such as lightweight space frame of multi material composite structure, Alcoa also is automotive electronics / electrical distribution system, wiring harness, electronic components and other related components supplier.

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Alcoa in 1948 invented the application in commercial transportation of forging aluminum alloy rims, and after nearly 60 years of continuous improvement and improve its performance. The Alcoa forged aluminum alloy rim is leader of the global aluminum alloy rims, and has the most specifications of products, the main wife car factory team and customer service, in the global commercial vehicle aluminum alloy wheel hub market share more than 75%. Alcoa forged aluminum alloy rim alloy 6061-T6 each rim by a separate high strength aluminum alloy billet production and into, the main production process for forging. By forging equipment more than 8000 tons of billets forging into wheel shape. After the completion of the forging of strengthening treatment, to achieve the best materials so that all the mechanical properties, and then the precision machining and computer controlled high precision machining equipment to ensure that each wheel has high precision roundness, greatly reduce the wheel deflection, deflection. Finally, opening and surface treatment. Alcoa in addition to provide regular size rims can provide 14 ", 15 'and 17' wide rim base rim (super single wheel to replace double twins), to further reduce the body weight and fuel consumption and emissions.

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At present, the domestic market to see a few enterprises.

We can find that the use of forged aluminum rims in addition to being able to better ensure the safety of vehicles traveling on the economic account, a year and a half can recover the cost of investment. And this is also in line with the country's advocacy of new products, new technologies, and the call of energy conservation and emission reduction.

The forging of aluminum alloy said the aluminum alloy rim thickness is 22 mm, and 14 mm thick steel plate. So if you want to install aluminum alloy rim, the need to lengthen the axle on the bolt, that is, a single round of the installation of the wheel bolts extended 8 mm, 16 mm round of the installation of the wheel. In addition, when the complex wheel is installed, the need for the positioning of the axle of the foot is the shortest 28 mm, the best is 35 mm.

Aluminum alloy wheels do have many advantages, but this product is not suitable for all transport vehicles. In the domestic transport road and logistics market is still slowly improve the situation, the use of such products blindly do need to run a certain risk, the biggest risk is whether the timely recovery of costs. So it's hard to fill up the transportation expenses when the transportation profit is compressed. The light weight of the vehicle is still too early.

Safety - the use of aluminum alloy wheels have good heat dissipation, does not easily tire. The aluminum alloy forging said aluminum alloy wheels for cars, is the standard, but also the basic requirements of safety, comfort. But for trucks, security is also very important, but if the profits can not be guaranteed, security is also impossible to talk about.

Save fuel - shaft under the weight of the car, run up naturally fuel-efficient. I'm here to thank the truck drivers for the petrochemical and oil. If the cost of a single trip to save more than a dozen liters of gasoline to come back, it is indeed very impressive. However, only hope that the oil does not rise again, otherwise it will save them for their contribution to the.

Taizhou Jiade Forging Co., Ltd., located in Zhejiang Province southeast of the beautiful gold coast -- Yuhuan County, the company was founded in June 1995, is a set of R & D, forging, heat treatment, precision machining in various pieces of aluminum, aluminum (aluminum) forging forgings, professional manufacturers. The company mainly produces aluminum (aluminum alloy forging) auto parts, such as aluminum swing arm; military products, such as a handgun; railway aluminum products, such as train wheels, control arm; since the company was founded with the purpose of "people-oriented, fusion and win-win, the pursuit of excellence, sustainable development" business philosophy, always adhere to the "quality first, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, excellence" quality policy, in the same industry accumulated rich customer resources and brand reputation, Fang company, has become the domestic aluminum parts manufacturing industry in a very competitive well-known enterprises.

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