Principle and characteristics of heat treatment of aluminum alloy

1, the principle of heat treatment of aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloy casting heat treatment is the choice of a heat treatment specification, heating rate to rise to a corresponding temperature holding for a certain time at a cooling rate, changes in the organization of the alloy, Fang aluminum forging said the main objective is to improve the mechanical properties of the alloy and enhance the corrosion performance, processing can be improved, the size stability.

2, the characteristics of heat treatment of aluminum alloy

It is well known that for steel with high carbon content, high hardness is obtained immediately after quenching, and the plasticity is very low. However, the aluminum alloy and not, the aluminum alloy after quenching, strength and hardness does not immediately rise, as the plastic not only did not fall, but increased. Fang aluminum forging said but the quenched alloy, placed for a period of time (such as 4 ~ 6 day and night), strength and hardness will significantly improve, while the plasticity is significantly reduced. The phenomenon that the strength and hardness of the aluminum alloy increase with the increase of time and the strength and hardness of the quenched aluminum alloy is called aging. Aging can occur at room temperature, said the natural aging, can also be higher than room temperature in a temperature range (such as 100 to 200 degrees Celsius), said artificial aging.

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