全铝合金重载挂车 交通运输明日之星

In recent years, the logistics transportation market is increasingly prosperous, which makes the transportation vehicle market demand increase, and as the main vehicle of highway transportation, the semi trailer demand is increasing, while the semi trailer of our country's transportation is still the main, but other European and American, Japan developed countries most steel trailer has been replaced by aluminum alloy Trailer.

At present, the domestic heavy truck retains the quantity has exceeded 300 million, such a large number of emissions has become an important source of atmospheric pollution and resource consumption and environmental pollution has become a global problem, the whole society are in attention to the car in the energy-saving emission reduction work. Fang aluminum forgings representation to reduce the weight of the vehicle is to reduce fuel consumption and effective measures to improve the transportation efficiency, and aluminum alloy with the portability is to reduce the car weight essential tool, aluminum alloy semi trailer trailer weight than steel reduce 3.5 tons, so that in each operation can than full steel structure of semi Trailer Dora transport 3.5 tons of cargo. No-load running will also greatly save fuel consumption, data show that the production of 1 kilograms of aluminum about 14 degrees, but in the car every use 1 kg of aluminum can replace steel about 2 kilograms, in the car's life cycle saving 1 kg of material can save fuel 0.7 kg, equivalent to about 800 kwh of electricity, reduce carbon dioxide emissions of about 1800 kg.

Aluminum forgings, Fang said the related logistics company calculations show that the annual operating 15 million kilometers from the calculation, the aluminum alloy car in motion using the advantages of lightweight can create more benefit 15 million to 18 million yuan. Although the cost of a one-time purchase of a relatively high steel trailer to about 40%, but the overall count down, 1~2 years to recover the cost. China's Trailer fuel consumption of about 40000000 tons, if the market share of aluminum alloy trailer can reach 70%, the annual savings of about 7660000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions of 22000000 tons, and the use of aluminum vehicles longer, according to the experience of Europe and the United States, an aluminum alloy tank life cycle is generally 15 years ~20 years, while the life of the steel tank is only 7 years ~9. And scrapped vehicle recovery value is higher than that of the steel of the vehicle, to commonly used aluminum tanker as an example, the tank aluminum recycling value is about 85% of the original aluminum is much higher than ordinary steel vehicle recycling value.

Fang aluminum forgings said at present, aluminum alloy Trailer in China although is no longer fresh things, but the market share is less and less, our country the first aluminum alloy Trailer beginning in 2008 Taiyuan truck industry exhibition, Baotou Yu Lee Industrial R & D manufacturing. It has only a few years, so it is not widely used. However, the transport industry and trailer manufacturing industry are considered, the more light aluminum alloy trailer will be replaced in the future will be the market mainstream steel trailer.

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