The importance of spare tire used should also be regular maintenance

The continued improvement of the cost of the car, forcing the people to spare no one to save the details of spending. In fact, the tire is a car in the process of a very cost of supplies, 4 tires worth thousands of dollars, if the use of improper lead to abnormal loss, the owner of the wallet is a test. How to reduce tire wear, so that the maximum use of tire life, is the owner must grasp the knowledge. Good, skilled driving technology can effectively reduce tire wear, prolong the life of tire, and improve the safety of driving. The aluminum forgings you will focus on the tire maintenance knowledge.

Tire pressure is not enough or too high are easily lead to tire

"Speed must give the tire filling." Many riders believe that speed to gas play enough, the car was a "strength" running speed, "but in fact, this idea is wrong. Dongfeng Fengshen 4S shop staff introduction, tire pressure is too high, it will reduce the tire contact area with the ground, and this tire to withstand the pressure is relatively increased, the tire grip will be affected. In addition, when the vehicle passes through the ditch or bumps along the road, there is not enough space to absorb the shock, in addition to affecting the stability and ride comfort, but also caused the impact on the suspension system to increase, which will bring harm.

When the tire pressure is lower than the standard value, tire shoulder the wear increased sharply; tire pressure is higher than the standard value, because of tire contact area to reduce the pressure increased, the tire tread central wear increased, while increasing the tyre stiffness, so that the wheels by dynamic load increase, easily lead to tire burst.

Start can not be too fierce, to avoid frequent use of brake and emergency brake, lest because the tire and ground drag and accelerate the tread wear; in turn crossing and overtaking, through the intersection, the road is narrow, a railway crossing, the lot, forging Jia Delv said should grasp the appropriate speed and attention should be paid to pavement, pedestrian, vehicle dynamics, do a good job ready to brake, reduce braking frequently, avoid the emergency brake, thereby reducing wear of the tire; face can not avoid the broken glass or other foreign bodies, to slow down by, don't slam the brakes, because the brakes caused by increasing pressure, pieces of glass and foreign body more easy to tie into the tire.

Check the tire tread without crack of high speed

"I was with the tire side glass, tire after running speed there is no problem?" Owners ask. 4S shop staff introduction, the tyre side injury, insurance coefficient is not guaranteed, because basically no wire side of the tire, tire wall is very thin, high-speed easy puncture. To regularly check the tire surface cracks, deformation and other defects. The tire tread groove due to the running in wear becomes shallower, the vehicle performance could be reduced if slick will lose draining, antiskid effect, and appears to be tiny crack is high speed puncture hazards. In addition, we should pay attention to the timely removal of the in the groove of the pebbles.

To avoid parking on the road with a large, sharp or sharp stone. Don't park in the place near or in contact with oil products, acids and other substances that affect the deterioration of rubber. The driver should not turn the steering wheel in the parking lot, so that the operation will speed up the tire wear. The tyres tend to overheat, while the air pressure increases during the long summer time of the summer. You should stop cooling, no gas pressure or water cooling, to prevent non normal aging of tread rubber.

Usually drive to pay attention to the road is better than usual maintenance

Jiade aluminum forging said in highway maintenance construction site traffic, using low-speed amble choice road way through to avoid excessive bump tire, even being stabbed or scratch; driving on uneven road, to selection of pavement, reduce the tire and the road bumps, avoid damage to parts and tires; second to slow amble, avoid tire bumps and strong vibration; through muddy sections, should choose a solid, non slip through, so as not to tire subsidence, idling in situ, intense heat caused by tire sidewall and serious cuts, scratches.

Vehicle turning should be based on the curve road, turning radius, generally to be appropriate to slow down, so as to avoid the inertia force and centrifugal force, to accelerate the role of unilateral tire wear; vehicle downhill, should be based on the size of the slope, length and road conditions, to control the appropriate speed, so as to avoid or less with emergency brake, reduce tire wear; vehicle parking and parking in the parking lot, should develop a safe taxi ride. In the maintenance and use of tire, don't forget the most important one -- the spare tire. Backup tire is equipped with the manufacturers, but often forgotten by the owners and lack of maintenance. Jiade aluminum forging suggested that the owner of every three month regularly check the spare wheel, if necessary, blow it, lest in need when it found it is flat.

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