A place to be noted in the process of forging

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The forging of aluminum alloy forging process that should be paid attention to the place:

The forging process includes: the material is cut into the required size, heating, forging, heat treatment, cleaning and inspection. In a small artificial forging, all these operations are carried out by several blacksmith overhand and underhand in narrow places. They are exposed to the same harmful environmental and occupational hazards; in the large forging workshop, the hazards vary with the job position.

In spite of the working conditions due to different forms of forging and different, but have certain features in common: moderate intensity physical labor, dry and hot climate, resulting in noise and vibration, air by smoke pollution.

Fang aluminum alloy forging said workers are also exposed to high temperature air and heat radiation and cause the accumulation of heat in the body, heat and metabolic heat, cause an imbalance and pathological changes of heat dissipation. The amount of sweat to work eight hours will small gas environment, physical exertion and thermal adaptation degree vary with general 1.5-5 liters, or even higher. In smaller forging shop or from the heat source distance, Behar's index of heat stress usually 55 ~ 95; but in large forging workshop, close to the heating furnace or drop hammer machine work could be as high as 150~190. Easily lead to lack of salt and heat cramps. In the cold season, exposure to small changes in the environment may be to some extent to promote its adaptability, but quickly and too frequent changes, may constitute a health hazard.

Air pollution: the air in the workplace may contain smoke, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, or also contains an acrylic aldehyde, which depends on the type of heating furnace fuel and impurities, as well as combustion efficiency, air flow and ventilation.

Noise and vibration: hammer will produce a low frequency noise and vibration, but may also have some high frequency components, the sound pressure level in 95~115 dB between the. Staff exposed to forging vibration, may cause temperament and functional disorders, will reduce the ability to work and influence safety.

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