Carefully buy aluminum alloy wheel imitation

Aluminum alloy wheel is a modification of the market's absolute darling, whether it is the weight or anti deformation capacity are better than the traditional steel wheel. And we generally divided aluminum alloy wheel into two kinds, that is, casting and forging. Fang aluminum alloy forging said in fact in the casting according to the different techniques and to low pressure die casting, pressure casting and anti high pressure die casting. Low pressure casting of the product is more common, it is the melting of metal casting in the mold and the final hardening. It can be seen that the product of the technical content is relatively low, and in the weight and anti fatigue aspects is less than the forged wheels. , of course, forging products due to the relatively high technological content, the Dachang genuine many, so the price is high above, basic on a forged wheels to spend thousands of yuan

There are some so-called imitation products in the market, the appearance of the same style and some of the series is similar, and relatively low price is their most attractive place. Remind Jiade aluminum alloy forging need extra attention, which is a part of some domestic manufacturers of domestic so-called "B" goods. The wheel hub manufacturer in the delivery of finished goods of the so-called "a", part of a flawed "B" goods was left and into the domestic market, as a result of the low pressure die casting, some products will residual air bubbles, which on the surface is not found. Therefore, in the purchase of such products, must be cautious.

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