Is it one thing to forge aluminum alloy and die cast aluminum alloy?

Wrought aluminum alloy is the main used for forging aluminum alloy. Fang aluminum alloy forging die casting aluminum alloy is belongs to the aluminum alloy casting, but it is mainly used in the pressure casting of cast aluminum alloy.

Forging aluminum alloy including A1-. Si. -Mg-. Cu and A1-Cu-Ni-Fe alloys, wrought aluminum alloys are commonly used LD2, LD5, LDl0 etc.. They contain more types of alloy, but less content.. They are thermoplastic excellent, the forging performance is good, and has the better mechanical properties. This type of alloy is mainly used for bearing the die forgings and some complicated forging parts..

Aluminum alloy casting A1 - Si, A1 Cu and Al Mg and Al Zn and guardian of aluminum alloy forging known for casting aluminum alloy, in addition to the necessary requirements of mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, with good casting properties. In the cast aluminum alloy, the casting performance and mechanical properties of the best A1-Si alloy, also known as Si.

Fang aluminum alloy forging said good casting aluminum alloy casting properties, density is small, with excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance and weldability; for making the shape complex but does not require high strength castings, such as aircraft, instrument shell; low manufacturing, in the intensity of the complex shape of castings, such as motor casing, a cylinder body, a fan blades, engine piston.

Aluminum Forging alloy although forge has the meaning of casting, but the verb when forging.

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