Hub daily maintenance and attention

Say "no shoes at the foot of the short half". Shoes can reflect a person's dress grade. Similarly, the beautiful degree of the hub for your car's image also has a great influence, who doesn't like these dynamic chronological, like a flower as the rim.

The wheel rim is also called. English RIM, that is, the car wheel means. It is said that the wheel center is the part of the axle, which is connected with the brake drum (or brake disc), the wheel and the axle parts. The bearing is used in the shaft or to the neck of the shaft..

Jiade aluminum alloy forging said hub is mainly from the manufacturing process is divided into casting and forging two, the general casting circle is aluminum, forging ring aluminum, and titanium. Total to say, the forging ring strength, racing is forging ring, racing for a forging ring is equivalent to our common casting circle half the weight, weight is light, car power loss is small, run up faster.

The other difference between the hub is the difference between the distance of the hole and the eccentricity.. The distance between the screw and the screw is simple, and the eccentricity is the distance between the hub and the center line of the screw (the stationary plane).. The requirements of a good hub are: the density uniform, the shape circle, the heat distortion small, the intensity is big.

Hub can be upgrading, some people to upgrade their cars, with large wheels, but tire outside diameter unchanged, a flat tire law becomes larger, the lateral movement of the car small, improve the stability, but lost car is comfortable.

Tire and wheel with the match, for a car, it is like clothes and shoes with good, can complement each other.

Protect hub

The hub of the high car is made of aluminum alloy material.. The wheels look beautiful, but also very fragile. To maintain the beautiful appearance of the hub, the guardian of aluminum alloy forging said in addition in driving the process to be extra careful to prevent accidental damage to the hub, but also on a regular basis of hub of maintenance and. If you have time, a thorough cleaning should be carried out once a week..

1, the surface of the sand washed away from the sand and easily cause damage to the wheel of the dirt. Otherwise, the surface of the alloy will be corroded and damaged..

2, with the acid cleaning agent for the treatment of the inside and outside surface of hub. Every 2 months to the wheel a wax, so that can prolong the service life of the wheel.

Fang aluminum alloy forging remind note: in order not to destroy the hub surface protective layer, not the hub using paint brightening agent, or other abrasive materials. When the alloy protection paint damage, such as when the hard object in the stroke of the damage, should the alloy wheel as soon as possible repair, re spray paint. It's best to carry out a professional repair station.

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