Section technical analysis and breakthrough of aluminum alloy template

Aluminum alloy profile template is one of the more popular materials in the construction industry,with the development of China's real estate industry and the level of market promotion, demand more and more high profile aluminum alloy template. The production of aluminum alloy profiles totemplate molding, but also has an important role in the quality of die for aluminum alloy profiletemplate. Analysis of aluminum alloy extrusion die for template production and selection of high quality molds are of great help, so the analysis of 7050 aluminum alloy plate template mold is particularly important, the following is the analysis of aluminum alloy profile die template features and technical difficulty of forging aluminum alloy made by the guardian:

(1) the template profile variety, complex shape, size changes, so the requirements of the design and manufacture of die quality of different specifications, different structure, different forms, in order to ensure the forming and the size, form and position accuracy, the need for a large amount of experiment work.

(2) the template requirements of industrial production, the key is to improve the service life of the die.

(3) the wide flat form template section width, thickness ratio greater than 100, wide and thin wallparts size precision and plane gaps are difficult to guarantee, the forging of aluminum alloyexpressed the need to spread, a special structure of the diversion mould reasonable distribution of metal flow, in order to ensure the high precision of profile forming and size requirements in particular, to ensure the high precision of geometric tolerance, greater technical difficulty.

(4) the forging aluminum alloy profile representation template smooth surface, dimension and shape precision, so it is necessary to adopt high quality steel mold and die heat treatment process, strict implementation of all CNC machining process, in order to obtain high strength,high toughness, high precision, low surface roughness and high quality die.

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