Powder aluminum alloy forging

Aluminium alloy forging Fang said the general process of powder metallurgy process is: milling,compaction, sintering (including hot isostatic pressing, cold isostatic pressing, forging, machiningetc.). Rapid solidification, mechanical alloying and powder metallurgy (P/M) technology is used to develop uniform components of high strength, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of new aluminum alloy, it is the standard casting alloy (I/M) technology to do.

Aluminum powder metallurgy preforms suitable for forging method for producing structure parts.Aluminium alloy forging Fang said aluminum forging preform, hot or cold forged, in sinteringcoated with graphite lubricant, to generate the appropriate metal flow during forging. The need for strict filled cavity parts, recommended at 300 to 400 DEG C for hot forging. Forging pressure usually less than 345MPa. Forging is generally performed with closed die, therefore, will not produce the flash, and, only produce flow density and lateral forging. Cutting loss commonforging and powder metallurgy forging close to 50%, less than 10%. Powder metallurgy partsforging, its density is greater than 99.5% of theoretical density, strength than the forging of powder metallurgy parts high 40% ~ 60%, the fatigue endurance limit increased more than 1 times. The other hand, similar to ordinary forging.

1 high strength pre alloyed powder metallurgy aluminum alloy

Rapid solidification or alloying powder through some consolidation technology, such as vacuumhot pressing or hot isostatic pressing of various sizes, made of billet, about the quality of from 45kg to 1360kg. In this ingot form, high strength of pre alloyed powder metallurgy superalloyforgings are usually directly into the application, or other processing technology, such as rollingor extrusion technology, processing for forging bar or sheet. Aluminium alloy forging Fang saidthan industrial ingot metallurgy 7 x alloy to be made use of pre alloyed powder metallurgical technology of aluminum lithium alloy price much more expensive, so the precision forging isforging method of the most economical and effective.

High strength pre alloyed powder metallurgy aluminum alloy, T7 * state into the general heat treatment (solid solution treatment and stabilization treatment status), to obtain the strength andfracture toughness, and anti stripping and should be the best combination of stress corrosion cracking. At high levels of resistance to corrosion of pre alloyed powder metallurgy aluminumalloy ingot metallurgy is better than. As for the high strength IN9021 alloy, usually on the forgingprocessing into T4 state (solid solution treatment and natural aging state). Some of these alloys,given the excellent comprehensive properties of them, the forging has been part of an industrial application in aerospace.

2 anti corrosion of pre alloy powder metallurgy Forging Aluminum Alloy

IN9052 alloy is a medium strength of pre alloyed aluminum alloy, the mechanical properties andcasting metallurgy (I/M) 5083 alloy is similar, but has excellent resistance to corrosion. This alloyat low temperature (lower than 370 DEG C) under the forging, the flow stress and deformation properties of 5083 alloy is similar with the. As the high strength powder metallurgy aluminumalloy, IN9052 alloy is consolidated into a billet, after extrusion and forging. Due to the material price, still applies to the use of precision forging.

3 high temperature pre alloyed powder metallurgy aluminum alloy forgings

Several rapid solidification technology, including atomization, centrifugal casting and planarcasting has been used to develop a series of pre alloyed aluminium alloy, this alloy has highperformance is greatly improved, ingot metallurgy Forging Aluminum Alloy existing more than, for example, 2219 and 2618 alloy, and the A201 casting aluminum alloy. The development of thesealloys in order to have reinforcing properties of forgings in the range of 205 ~ 345 DEG Ctemperature range is provided, it is not up to the existing aluminum alloy.

Aluminium alloy forging Fang said the high temperature resistance properties of these alloys,thus finding it very difficult to process them into forging, the flow stress of two times in 7075 alloy.Recommended for forging temperature of these alloys have not been fully determined, but usually at less than 370 DEG C temperature forging, so as to maintain the characteristics of microstructure of the alloy. All of these high temperature aluminum non heat treatment type,through the dispersion strengthening, intermediate compounds and work hardening to improve its mechanical properties.

By rapid solidification method to obtain the solid solubility of alloy powder can be greatly expanded, alloy ageing precipitation amount, aging effect is obvious. Hard aluminum alloy maderapid solidification powder, adding Mg, Cu, Zn and other large solid solution elements during aging precipitation, micro second phase, the results of strength increased by 10% ~ 25%, 20% increase in toughness, fatigue strength increased by 40%, increase 30% than the rigid, than the 20% increase of intensity, with excellent mechanical properties. Aluminium alloy forging Fangsaid the creation of heat-resistant aluminum alloy, must obtain a large number of stableintermetallic compound as the second phase, and the general method of obtaining a large number of intermetallic compounds is not easy, only by rapid solidification was easy to be.

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