Wiper aging factors and how to maintain

A, a weekly regular cleaning

According to the use of wiper blade regular cleaning, removal of foreign bodies of surface dust, sand etc.. Wiper blade for cleaning, selection of alkaline cleaning agentcan be, do not use gasoline cleaning and soaking, otherwise the wiper willdeformation, aging and influence its work.

Two, the wiper can not "dry scraping"

Wiper's main function is to clean up the rain, but if there are other stains on the glasscannot be used casually, forging Fang aluminum alloy remind never dry scraping: as the anhydrous and increase friction resistance, will cause the damage to blade andwiper motor rubber. Even if there is rain, also must wait until the surface of the glass isenough rain and wiper, here to say "enough" refers to block the driver's line of sight.

Three, the use of the second blow back and forth

The wiper is best to use the second, continuous blow back and forth. Those of youlike the rain use batch mode to scrape the car on the road, in fact, is not only toprevent the rain of heaven, but also prevent before the car splashed mud. Meet this kind of situation, the intermittent mode is easy to scrape mud front window pattern,seriously affecting the line of sight.

Four, wiper not to relax

Wiper blade when not in use, should always remain in the lowest position; and oftenclean the windshield lower, to prevent foreign made Yu Gua piece after long-termcompression deformation. Aluminium alloy forging Fang said when the snow day or vehicle to time long time park, should the wiper up, make it in a relaxed state, this can prevent the night temperature will wiper blade and glass adhesion, can also prevent the wiper strip deformation. Long Park in the open-air vehicle wiper blades, should betaken off and put on the car, and the hanging rod head well so as not to damage theglass with a soft cloth.

Five, six months to a year to change a

Aluminium alloy forging Fang said wiper in several times after scraping brushing in any region is the emergence of the wide water, or in part of a thin layer, or wiper jittergenerated vertical stripes, that wiper bracket have deformation, can not well fit the front windshield, so as to affect the the main view of our. These cases are badly in need of replacement wiper blade, not delay. It is recommended that you, wiper filmsthe best six months to a year to be replaced once, even if the weather in the northand little rain wiper blade rubber texture itself could not avoid adverse externalenvironment to make its aging.

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