Die forging process of aluminum alloy forging

Wrought aluminium and aluminium alloy and other metal materials characteristics ofaluminum alloy production can be carried out in a variety of forging equipment.Hammer can be used for open die forging and closed die forging, the production cost is low, the forging hammer when needed to control the height, strike force and speed,because in the rapid deformation of aluminum alloy in the process of strain ratesensitivity with exothermic. Mechanical press and screw presses are widely used inaluminum alloy closed die forging, suitable for production of aluminum forging of medium size, large volume and shape moderate.

Hydraulic machine is suitable for aluminum alloy forgings production closed die forgingis very large or very complex. Aluminium alloy forging Fang said deformation than the other device is easy to control in hydraulic machine, aluminum alloy forging hydraulicmachine is particularly suitable for the production of so ordinary, high clear outline, nodraft angle precision and net size. In this case, slow or controlled strain rate so that the deformation resistance of aluminium alloy is reduced to the minimum value,reduces the required pressure and easy to reach a predetermined shape.

Due to the mobility of aluminum alloy (difference than steel and titanium alloy is poor,magnesium alloys than good), and is sensitive to the crack, and therefore should not be used aggregation step, aluminium alloy forging Fang remind other forgingtemperature range is narrow, so a single type forging generally use. Forging blank are prepared, to use more free forging. Free forging must be accurate, to preventforging filled or streamline chaos.

Die in the press, forging Fang aluminum alloy that generally require the use of pre forging, finish forging two steps. Because, when a press tour deformation degree is greater than 40%, the amount of metal extrusion to flash, groove can not be completely full. On the shape of the forging is very complicated, but also for the manydie forging.

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