The difference between casting and forging wheel rim

Wheel rim (also called the rumor that the "bell"). Automobile wheel upgrade most commonly used method is used for aluminum alloy wheels, or by increasing thewheels to improve vehicle performance and performance and appearance. Forgingaluminum alloy wheel hub that Fang has always been the focus of the topic,however. The analysis from the angle of technology, you really understand?

Production and processing in different ways, so use also features a completely different. Casting type rim is aluminum molten casting in sand mold, until the cooling shaping after machining (burr trimming, appearance, made of polished).

According to the guardian of aluminum alloy forging and forging is learned usingsteel mold, heating the softening of the aluminum block arranged therein, with the punching method for molding, cooling, after machined made. Casting and forging tomass production, because the procedure is complicated, so the production cost is relatively high, but the forging hub in the production process because the aluminumblock after continuous punching, so after forming, its molecular structure willbecome very close, so can bear high pressure, and thus in the same size the same strength, forging hub than the casting wheel lighter.

Aluminium alloy forging Fang said further, because forged wheel structure closely,can bear high stress, so in the design, it can design some of the more lively stripspoke, a degree of freedom of design also higher but relative, forging hub castinghub price is much higher, so basic is used in pay attention to control high-gradecar. And those high performance super run, all without exception is the use offorged wheels.

The advantages of aluminum alloy forging Fang said aluminum alloy wheel is widely used, aluminum alloy wheel hub:

1, fuel-efficient

The average aluminum alloy wheel hub than the same size of steel wheel light 2kg,a car with 5 great weight is province 10kg. According to the Japanese experiment, 5 seat car weight per reduce 1kg, a year about or save 20L gasoline. Research Report of American Society of Automotive Engineers reported, aluminum alloy wheel hub than ordinary steel although expensive, but each car ran up to 20000 km, its save fuel costs would vomit arrives back cost.

2, increase the service life of the engine

Aluminium alloy forging Fang said that under the load of the engine and the power curve, when the load increases to a certain extent, the power of anti decreased, themarginal on said at every 1 unit load, the engine will be more difficult (especiallyfuel consumption), engine load loss, natural decrease fault, prolong life.

3, good heat dissipation

The heat conduction coefficient of aluminum is 3 times that of steel. Good heat dissipation effect, long distance high speed when, also can make the tyremaintained at the proper temperature, so that the brake drum and the tyre is not easy to aging, increase the service life of tire, reducing the chance of.

4, really good roundness

High precision up to 0.05mm, running balance performance, is conducive to the elimination of the general body long and the oscillation of steering wheel.

5, sturdy and durable

Aluminium alloy forging Fang said aluminum alloy wheel impact resistance, the antitension and heat and other strength than steel hub to high. This is one of the important reasons of aluminum alloy plays a role in the defense industry,aerospace industry.

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