The difference of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy

According to the guardian of aluminum alloy forging was informed that zinc alloy iszinc alloy base to join other elements. Alloy elements with aluminum, magnesium,copper, cadmium, lead, titanium zinc alloy with low temperature. Zinc alloy with low melting point, good fluidity, easy welding, brazing and plastic processing, corrosionin the atmosphere, the residual waste easy recycling and remelting; but the creepstrength low, prone to natural aging cause dimensional changes. The melt preparation, casting or pressure forming. According to the manufacturing processcan be divided into the casting of zinc alloy and zinc alloy deformation. Aluminium alloy forging Fang said can be used for die-casting meter, auto parts shell wire rod surface galvanized anti-corrosion, boiler water wall pipe hot-dip galvanizingprocessing to improve the high temperature corrosion resistant performance.

Aluminum is aluminum based alloy floorboard. Aluminium alloy forging Fang said that the main alloying elements copper, silicon, magnesium, zinc, manganese,minor alloying elements such as nickel, iron, chromium, titanium, lithium and so.Aluminum alloy is a kind of nonferrous metal structure material widely used in industry, a large number of applications in aviation, aerospace, automotive,machinery manufacturing, ship and in the chemical industry.

The difference between a, die casting process on the following:

1, two kinds of alloy processing of molten soup temperature is different, zinc alloy inmore than 400 degree, aluminum alloy to more than 700 degrees to.

2, processing equipment is different, although called die casting machine, but can not universal.

3, the processing technology and parameters of different.

The differences between the two, on the product

Poor affinity for zinc alloy and iron, so the mold's angle can be very small, generallyabout 0.5 degrees, and the aluminum alloy die angle generally 1~1.5 degrees.

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