Daily maintenance of automobile hub note

Saying "no shoes at the foot of the short half". Shoes can reflect a person'sclothing taste. Similarly, beautiful degree hub also has great influence on your car'simage, who doesn't love the sporty and dynamic, flower like it.

Hub: also called rim. English RIM, namely the meaning of car hub. The popularsaying is installed in the center part of the wheel axle, is connected with a brake drum (or brake disc), an important part of disk and semi axis. It uses bearing is sleeved on the shaft tube or a steering knuckle shaft neck.

According to the guardian of aluminum alloy forging said hub is mainly from themanufacturing process is divided into two kinds of casting and forging, general casting ring is aluminum, and forged aluminum, also has a titanium metal plus.Generally speaking, forging ring strength, racing is forged, a forging ring used forracing is equivalent to half of our common casting ring weight, the more weight,vehicle power loss is small, run faster.

Another difference index hub hole distance and eccentricity is different. The hole distance is simply the screw position, eccentricity is reflected is the hub for screwsurface (fixed surface) to the hub center line distance. A good hub requirements are: uniform density, morphology, thermal deformation of small circle, big intensity.

Forging aluminum alloy wheel hub is called Fang can update, some people put their own cars to upgrade, use a larger wheels, but the tire diameter unchanged,flat tire change law, the transverse swing small car, stability is improved, but the carlost is comfort.

The protection of the hub

Senior car wheel hub are for aluminum alloy materials. The hub of beautiful appearance, but also very fragile. To keep the wheel appearance beautiful, but be careful to prevent accidental injury hub in the driving process, but also regularlycarry out maintenance and repair of the wheel. If there is time should conduct a thorough cleaning every week.

1, wash away the wheel attached to the surface of the sand and easier for the hubdamage caused by the dirt. Otherwise, alloy surface will be subjected to corrosionand damage.

2, acid detergent inside and outside surface of wheel processing. The best every 2 months to the hub on a wax, it can prolong the service life of the wheel hub.

Aluminium alloy forging Fang remind note: in order to protect layer without damaging the surface of the hub itself, can not use the paint bright agent or otherabrasive material on the wheel. When the alloy protective paint is damaged, such as by a hard object in running touch marked with scars, should as soon as possible the alloy wheel repair, re painting. It is best to a professional repair station.

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