After the "car trek" Five Tips to note

  Guardian said control arm, thorough cleaning including cleaning and exterior car wash. Trek, car paint will be adsorbed sand, dust and other dirt, wash thoroughly, restore the body's light is necessary. Currently roadside community stores mostly water * cleaning vehicles, wipe with a sponge, which makes the car's paint is easy to "fight hair." And advanced computer washing machine with a special washing liquid washing, waxing and automatically avoid the risk of scratching the paint surface sediment. Professional Cleaning union for full vacuum inside the vehicle, and non-woven towel on the dashboard and door panels cleaned and waxed, and the car wash should be noted that the water can not get inside the vehicle electrical system on the car seat, the These health corner vent cleaning to do more work, makes a kind of brand new feeling.

    1 paint scratches are not processed

    May return home or travel process, the owner drove to and from the country road or the next road, often due to poor road or road conditions are not familiar with, leading to the outside of the vehicle noticeable scratches, dents traces, especially in the first bumper location.

    Little i Tip: Most owners think not affect the appearance of the vehicle, it turned a blind eye, and wait until the metal begins to rust underneath the paint, the interior of the metal layer has been badly corroded, then I am afraid to be struggling a deal. Owners and friends returned after the end of the holiday, be sure to carefully check the integrity of the paint and processed in a timely manner.

    2 chassis deviation or corrosion

    In the process of driving long distances, is likely to encounter obstacles hit the road scratching chassis, which can lead to some parts of the chassis deformation, especially the arm up and down, left and right directions rod so easy to deform.

    Little i Tip: May return from vacation after the owners should pay attention to whether there are significant changes in comparison car around holidays, if there is abnormal sound chassis, not normal wear and tear, vehicle parking grease and other phenomena occur, it shows the chassis has been damaged. Owners should pay attention to the state of the chassis, wheel alignment and timely manner chassis rust treatment.

    3 engine clean the easy way

    The journey all the way to the busy schedule may make the engine body, engine radiator and air conditioning radiator coated in mud, seriously affecting the engine cooling and air conditioning work. In this case, the owner will need to go to a professional car dealers, with a professional cleaning agent to clean the engine and radiator.

    Little i Tip: If the owner drove a long time, we recommend that owners of the best engine oil change, because the engine working days of high temperatures may cause oil deterioration. Due to the complexity of the engine compartment circuit owners directly rinse the engine is very dangerous behavior.

    4 brake system on the back burner

    Journey, filled with gravel frequently harsh braking and driving environment is bound to severely worn brake pads. After each brake system is a long return, the owners do not ignore the check link.

    Little i Tip: If the brake pads wear more than the lower scale factory, or when the brakes to a "hissing" noise, it means that you must check and replace the brake pads. Good performance brake system is necessary to ensure safe driving, the brake system owners do not improvise trouble.

    5 upholstery cleaning neglected

    According to Guardian Control Arm understand, holiday drive the process, the owner and his family on the road inevitably eat and drink, food residue and the water is very easy to stay in the car, because the car is often sealed inside and outside air circulation is limited, it is easy to "possession sewage accept dirty ", a long time on the one hand is easy to breed bacteria, mildew, one to influence the air quality inside, two owners to influence health.

    Little i Tip: away from home car washing is not convenient, you can take a damp cloth and wipe the car interior, especially the dashboard, steering wheel, door and other places, in addition, food residue should be kept clean, after a long drive back, owners do not forget to clean the body of the car to conduct a thorough cleaning.


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