Next year's auto market growth slight increase
On October 15, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly issued a policy of innovation and technology award of new energy vehicles, the vehicle project, including pure electric, plug-in hybrid, fuel cell vehicles and battery technology innovation reward.

CapitaLand control arm understanding that the state and local sales of pure electric cars and plug-in electric car subsidies, subsidies directly to consumers' pockets, to create a pure electric car price advantage. Under the current policy, the state-subsidized private 60,000 yuan to buy a pure electric car, in six cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Hefei, Changchun local subsidy, a subsidy of 60,000 yuan in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, a subsidy of 40,000 yuan. Example: Shanghai GM Chevrolet SPRINGO listing new car, MSRP 258,000. State and local subsidies of up to $ 100,000, also presented a market value of 60,000 yuan for electric vehicles license, a saving of 160,000, down conversion only 98,000 yuan, the price of filling advantage.

Auto market next year will definitely not be the rapid development momentum before continuing to maintain an annual growth of 5% -10% of the speed of development, in my opinion is a healthy, normal pace of development in the era of 'micro-growth', Dongfeng Nissan certain will continue to work hard to achieve good results. "world economic situation is not very good now, China's economic development has also spent before the period of rapid development, into the sound stage of development. At this stage, the overall momentum before fast, but consumers desire and pursuit of high quality of life will not change, but with the economic development and growing. The car is a symbol of the high quality of life, which at the same time we just need exist.

"This year, the growth in the automotive market is the single-digit growth next year, not necessarily at the meeting two I think single-digit growth is not necessarily a bad thing, we lay a solid foundation for a number of innovative ideas under pressure more some more, which is not a bad thing. "According to the Guardian control arm understanding, the Chinese auto market has been the world's largest cardinality is large enough, but also to maintain rapid growth has advantages and disadvantages, and rapid growth is seems that car manufacturers are good, but how can the real automotive research and development of technology settle down? The rapid growth is not necessarily beneficial.

For the performance of the passenger car market next year, the large and medium-sized passenger car sales will be better than the future performance of September this year, the overall increase in the range of 8% to 10%, the bus will become a major growth point. Bus in many segments of the large and medium-sized passenger cars formed a competitive advantage, the next year, Yutong are concerned about the various market segments, and further strengthen the leading position of the Yutong Bus, including the various market segments of the tourist bus market, new energy bus .
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