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    Core concept:Let people have the opportunity to work, successful will have good treatment. The only talented person will be really use.

    First is the principle of ability and integrity. Selection and use of personnel in accordance with a comprehensive measure, both ability and integrity, insisting that no virtuous is mediocre, talent without virtue is a villain, ability is important as integrity.

    The second is the "effection" principle. In terms of talents, we focus on the ability and the levelof experience. We adhere to the "effection " employment mechanism, so a large number of competent and honest people stand out as pillars of enterprise development.

    Third is that practice is the first principle. "Jade try to burn at least three days, subject to identified only seven years period." Over the years, when the wind where the various groups working professionals, we have arranged to the first production line, so that to improv practice exercise , and then through a public examination, merit-based selection.

    Fourth:the principle of survival of the fittest. In the selection of talent,we focus on the people who did the best; otherwise, can only be eliminated.

    Fifth:"everyone is talent". In the use of the talent, eiminate the mystery and modeling. As long as in the right positions to play the greatest intelligence, is a sense of talent. We follow this principle, according to each employee's level of expertise, experience, character, etc., will be arranged to their proper positions, so that their talent do the best to promote the company sustained, rapid and efficient development.

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