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  • What is the process flow for aluminum alloy processing?

    1、 Broken material

    It is the first process of aluminum alloy technology. Mainly using cutting equipment to accurately cut the length of materials according to design requirements and referring to the detailed construction drawings of doors and windows. The error value of the cutting size should be controlled within the range of 2mm, otherwise the sealing quality of doors and windows is difficult to guarantee.

    2、 Drilling

    The assembly of aluminum alloy frame fans generally uses screw connections, so whether it is the assembly of horizontal and vertical members or the fixation of accessories, drilling holes in corresponding positions is required. Small table drills can be used for drilling profiles, which can effectively ensure the accuracy of drilling positions due to the presence of a workbench; The use of a pistol type electric drill is advantageous for easy operation. Before drilling, lines should be marked and positioned on the profile according to assembly requirements. The drilling position should be accurate and the aperture should be appropriate.

    3、 Assembly

    Assemble the profiles with screws according to the requirements of the construction drawings. There are three assembly methods for aluminum alloy doors and windows: 45 degree angle docking, right angle docking, and vertical docking. The connection of horizontal and vertical bars generally uses specialized connectors or aluminum angles, and is fixed with screws, bolts, or aluminum rivets.

    4、 Protection or packaging

    After assembling the semi-finished products and passing the inspection, clean them thoroughly and cover them with the product qualification certificate.

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