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    A large number of new forging processes and technologies have been developed in the field of aluminum and aluminum alloy forging technology, such as liquid forging, semi-solid forging, isothermal forging, powder forging, multi-directional forging, non inclined precision forging, segmented forging, and sleeve forging. These have played a serious role in simplifying processes, reducing processes, saving energy consumption, expanding quality, increasing specifications, improving quality and consumption efficiency, maintaining the environment, reducing labor intensity, and improving economic benefits. Lanxi Tongli Aluminum Industry stated that dedicated computer software provides reliable assurance for controlling major process parameters such as forging temperature, forging pressure, deformation degree (under pressure), and process lubrication, as well as controlling product size, internal structure, mechanical properties, etc.
    The design and manufacturing of die forging are the key to aluminum alloy forging technology. The CAD/CAM/CAE system for forgings has become very mature and advanced. In the United States, the CAD/CAM/CAE system is being replaced by CIM (Computer Integration). CIM includes complete set technology, computer technology, CAD/CAM/CAE technology, robots, expert systems, machining plans, control systems, and automatic material disposal, providing conditions for the optimization design and process improvement of die forgings. Lanxi Tongli Aluminum Industry stated that in the automotive industry, discontinuing the design and process optimization of parts such as the front beam, sheep horn, wheel hub, and crankshaft can reduce the weight of sheep horn by 15%, wheel hub by 30%, and crankshaft by 20% after optimized design, and greatly improve consumer efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

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