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    Near the time of autumn, people are most likely to catch a cold and get sick. If a car is not taken care of properly, it is also easy to have such or other problems. Under the condition of increasing temperature rise and fall, circuit, air conditioner, tire and many other external or internal parts are prone to problems. Timely and comprehensive maintenance is very important for your car to spend the autumn smoothly and drive safely and smoothly every day.

    The face of the car, the face of people, the maintenance of a car is very important. At present, the season is changing, and there is more dew in autumn. Sometimes in the morning, you can always see the crystal dew hanging on the car body. But this is not a good scene to record. If the car body itself has cracks or rubs, dew is likely to seriously corrode and rust the car body.

    Jiade aluminum swing arm said that the following autumn maintenance skills, every move for the car autumn maintenance "soft rib", and the call hit the key.

    Replace the wiper when it is aging:

    Due to the high temperature and rainy weather in summer, the rubber wiper blade of the wiper is prone to aging. If you find it is not very timely, when you want to use it, it will give you a little trouble. And glass water should be replenished in time.

    Car beauty is indispensable:

    In the morning of autumn, there is a lot of dew and the surface of the car is often very wet. If there are obvious scratches on the surface of your car, you should spray paint in time to prevent the scratches from getting wet and rusting. When changing seasons, it is best to do a series of beauty care for the surface of your car from cleaning, polishing to waxing, glaze sealing or coating.

    Dust removal in the car is often done as follows:

    Some female owners like to put plush toys in the car, but doing so will create a lot of dust or bacteria. In addition, the footpad, seat gap, door inner side, instrument panel, carpet, seat and rear compartment are also places where dust and bacteria are easy to accumulate. In addition, the space inside the car is limited and the compartment is highly airtight. The air in the car is not easy to convection, and harmful substances are more likely to breed. The high temperature in summer catalyzes the development of these harmful "forces". Therefore, in the autumn, it is best to clean and disinfect the interior and components of the car thoroughly. In addition, the door shaft and guide rail are easy to rust due to the invasion of wind and sand and the impact of car washing, and make abnormal noise when opening and closing. This problem can be solved by coating antirust oil on them regularly.

    Run more high speed to reduce carbon deposition

    In winter, the car owners often face the phenomenon of slow acceleration, rapid refueling and backfire, and difficult starting, which indicates that the valve of your car may have accumulated carbon. Therefore, the valve should be checked more in autumn to see if there is carbon deposition, and timely to the maintenance station for detection and maintenance. In addition, we can also run more expressways, try to increase the shift speed of the handstop vehicle, and prevent carbon deposition.

    Inspection of charging system:

    It is important to check whether the generator belt is aged or cracked after being burned in rainy season or high temperature weather. If this does not happen, also remember to look at the belt tightness. If the belt is too loose, it will cause the belt to howl and wear the belt early. If the belt is too tight, it will cause eccentric wear of generator bearing.

    Normal tire pressure anti blow out:

    Tire is the "foot" of the car, which plays an important role in the safe driving of the vehicle. In summer, due to the high temperature, it is necessary to check the tire pressure regularly. Do not let the tire pressure be too high, otherwise there will be a risk of tire burst. In the autumn, gardal swing arm said that due to the relatively low temperature, the tire should be replenished to keep it within the specified pressure range. At the same time, we should also check whether there are scratches on the tire. The rubber is easy to harden and appear brittle in autumn and winter, and the tire is easy to leak and even puncture.

    Do not replace antifreeze with water:

    Some car owners like to use tap water instead of antifreeze in summer, which is very undesirable. In the autumn when the weather is getting colder, if we can't change the antifreeze for automobile in time, once the temperature drops suddenly, it is very likely to affect the normal work of the automobile cooling system. Under normal circumstances, the service life of automobile antifreeze is two years. If the owner uses antifreeze in summer, as long as it does not exceed the service life, there is no need to rush to replace it. If tap water is used, it needs to be replaced immediately.

    Glass notch is often clean:

    It's rainy in autumn. Dust and other rainwater will be accumulated in the glass trough, which will affect the normal lifting and lowering of car glass. If the owner of the car can pour a small amount of clean water into the slot for convenience and convenience, and then go to buy a proper amount of cleaning agent and pour it in at leisure. When driving, pay attention to the up and down glass to make the lubricant evenly covered in the slot.

    Frequent inspection of brake system:

    Observe whether the brake fluid is sufficient and whether the quality is reduced. If necessary, add or replace it in time. The brake fluid must be changed every two years. Always check whether the brake becomes weak or deviated, and whether the pedal force of the brake pedal changes. If necessary, clean the pipeline part of the whole brake system.

    Windshield defrosting should not be ignored:

    When the weather turns cool in autumn, frost will appear when the temperature is low. In this season, pay special attention to whether the air outlet of defrosting outlet under the windshield is normal and whether the heat is enough. If there is a problem, it should be solved in time. Otherwise, once the problem occurs in the defrosting outlet of windshield, it will bring many troubles and unsafe factors to driving in winter.

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