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    In May 1965, the chairman wrote "nine months, five under the ocean to catch turtle". In June 11, 2013, the "ten gods" and "flying dragon" sea again together "China dream round sky". Said God ten "and" dragon "circle" Chinese dream ", have said that the aluminum, because aluminum in the spacecraft and the navigation device manufacturing field can be described as is not.

    Aluminum and aluminum alloy because of its low density, moderate intensity, easy forming, strong corrosion resistance, is rich in resources, the advantage of strong recovery, Fang aluminum forgings learned from human first launched the "flight No. 1" (Wright Flyer1) since and aerospace node under the unremitting. From 1903 until now, and even the foreseeable future, all of which have no one to lift off the aircraft of the aircraft. Today, the global economic integration and the rapid development of urbanization in the country, all of the civil air transport has played a huge role in promoting. The development of a variety of civil aviation aircraft and civil aircraft to provide the development of the demand for aluminum market space.

    Aluminum forgings, Fang said that global aviation grade aluminum alloy thick plate production capacity of nearly 84 million tons / year, China aluminum alloy thick plate production equipment is the most advanced in the world, the current production capacity is close to 30 million tons / year, to 2015 plate production capacity of up to 60 ~ 80 million tons / year. 2012, the global aluminum plate trade volume of 7314000 tons, the total trade volume of 27030000000 u..

    "In the next 20 years, aviation grade aluminum alloy plate demand will continue to grow, the Chinese market will be particularly strong." Explanation of aluminum forging Fang said: "according to the data released by the National Bureau of statistics forecast, in 2020 China's urbanization rate will reach 60%, by 2050 will reach about 75%. With the rapid development of urbanization, China's large and medium-sized urban population will rapidly increase, the increase in urban centers to bring a sharp rise in passenger traffic, China's economic growth and urbanization process will greatly promote the demand for air transport, then, China will increase the demand for 5580 aircraft, second only to the United States, the world's largest market. In addition, according to the 2010 guidance of the low altitude airspace management reform approved, by 2018, China's helicopter demand reached 1400, with the continuous release of the low altitude areas, after 10 years will increase the demand for 1500, the next 15 years, China's general aviation aircraft needs more than 15000. Thus, general aviation industry development ushered in the opportunity. Therefore, aviation grade aluminum alloy plate demand will continue to grow, the market outlook will be very considerable."

    In view of the application of aluminum in the field of ship, the guardian aluminum forgings learned British klaxon research firm survey data show that from January to October, the world completed a total of shipbuilding indicators 9406 million deadweight tons, China completed its capacity of 3689 million deadweight tons, accounting for the completion of the volume of 39.3%.

    The earliest use of aluminum in the ship was in the end of 1920, the first all aluminum ship was built, in 1880s, the aluminum magnesium alloy in the ship and marine engineering began to be widely used. In the field of ship construction, the aluminum alloy can improve the speed of the vessel, increase its service life, increase the load and reduce maintenance cost, because of its light weight, good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. In this regard, the guardian aluminum forging, the construction of high-speed fast ferry, hydrofoil boats, fishing boats, boat, high-speed car ferry ship ship designers preferred material is aluminum. In addition, the construction of multi body ship, air cushion ship, water jet propulsion and other ships are also mostly used in aluminum, so as the development of the ship industry, the ship with a broad market.

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