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    A rainy day is a test of the car, also the most easily lead to car fault, so rain car maintenance should pay attention to, the guardian aluminum forging said four major risks may not!

    Hidden trouble: after the rain to guard against skin diseases"

    "It's not a car wash, I'm waiting for the rain". It is a pity that it is not free to wash the car, but it should be washed after the rain, because the rain contains more acidic substances, will be corrosive paint the outer layer of the film, while the rain is also mixed with some naked eye can not see the dust, the sun will be derived from a large number of oxide. So, after the rain the best on the car to do a paint beauty, simple and effective method is waxing, but to to achieve a lasting protection effect, can also be used for glazing.

    Risk two: beware of engine "Qi deficiency"

    Engine can be called the heart of the car, the most important is the most prone to problems. Fang aluminum forgings said feebly of automobile engine after the rain, not easy to start may be because the ignition system to damp goods aging, once found to be because of the ignition system of the wet and cause ignition poor engine performance degradation can be temporarily used dry towel or dry cloth to electric disc and wire wipe, if it is because of aging leakage must be replaced in a timely manner.

    Hidden trouble three: caution headlights "cataract"

    Rainy day driving easily lead to water, not only the brightness is affected, but also to the direction of the lamp's exposure to change, to driving safety hazards. If the found after the lights in the mist, the headlight and high beam lights are turned on at the same time, an hour after observation of lights in the mist disappeared, if the disappearance is lighting seat Mifengbuyan leaking; if water does not come loose, may be lampshade bonding department, need the lampshade is bonded at the clean, dry glue, choose to a professional repair shop repair.

    Four: "the removal of pathogenic potential ventilation"

    After a rainy day, the car within the tune will often have a musty, encounter this kind of situation can the heater is adjusted to the maximum, opened about 20 minutes, let the car inside the moisture evaporates quickly; or in the sun open doors and trunk, thoroughly ventilated platoon is wet. Fang aluminum forgings remind best not with perfume to cover up the musty, because some musty is caused by the perfume, for example showed the acidic lemon perfume, emitting more easy to mildew odor.

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