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    As the human foot, the tire has a role to play a decisive role, not only bear the tonnes of load,but also face the complicated traffic. It is one of the important guarantee of safety, so to take care of, not only should always check, but also to learn can be replaced in case of emergency.You don't know? Just follow the aluminum alloy forging Study hard about it!

    Note: the most vulnerable side of the tire

    On the tire, tire blowout is the most serious security risks, but also from the tire to the tire structure about. The aluminum alloy forging is introduced: from the tire section can be seen on the graph, steel wire, rubber tire is compared by a layer by layer alternating sticking up strong;and structure and the positive side of the tire sidewall side of the thin wire, no adhesion, but theadhesion by the thin line, only one more coarse wire inside, to play a supporting role of tire.

    It is because of the special structure of the tire, the tire side destroyed if bad repair, most casescan only be replaced with new tires. If do repair, when the compression is prone to burst.Because the connection of the front and side of the tire is very thin, therefore, in most cases, tireis in this position. When the wheel is running at high speed, can produce high temperature, and the tire pressure level, will affect the change of temperature. Tire pressure is insufficient andrapid speed, high temperature, easy to burst.

    Aluminium alloy forging Fang told us some skills of using tire:

    1 check if the tire tire, cut injury position in the side of the tire, the severity of beyond repair, itneeds new tires.

    2 can not arbitrarily change the size of the tire, so should choose and match their car tires.

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