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    Aluminum alloy compared to most steel and cast iron materials in physical properties,CapitaLand aluminum alloy aluminum alloy compared to most steel and cast iron materials in physical properties, aluminium alloy forging Fang said has many obvious characteristics: strength, hardness and pure aluminum compared to improve a lot, butcompared with the steel strength and hardness is low, small cutting force, good thermal conductivity.

    Forging Fang aluminum alloy known as the aluminum alloy soft, plastic, cutting easy to stick the knife, the formation of built-up edge in cutting tools, may have on the knife edge welding phenomenon when high speed cutting, the cutting tool loss of cutting ability, and influences the machining accuracy and surface roughness. In addition,coefficient of thermal expansion of aluminum alloy, the cutting heat is easy to causethermal deformation is reduced, the machining accuracy.

    A, aluminum alloy processing and selection of cutting fluid

    In summary, aluminum cutting alloy machining liquid of choice is very important, mustensure good lubrication, cooling, filtering and rust, therefore, used for cuttingaluminum alloy processing liquid is different from ordinary cutting fluid, choose a suitable cutting fluid is very necessary.

    According to the different requirements of processing conditions and processingprecision, should choose different cutting fluid. Due to the high speed machining cangenerate a lot of heat, such as high-speed cutting, drilling, and if the heat produced is not timely be cutting fluid away, will happen sticking phenomenon, can appear evenbue, will seriously affect the workpiece machining roughness and the tool life, at the same time, the heat will make the workpiece deformation the accuracy of the workpiece, the serious influence. Therefore, the choice of cutting fluid should not only consider the lubricity of itself, also want to consider the cooling performance.

    In the aspect of the choice of cutting fluid, in addition to cutting fluid lubrication,cooling performance considerations, the aluminum alloy forging Fang remind should also consider the performance of anti rust, cost and easy maintenance and other aspects of the cutting fluid. Cutting oil for easy selection of base oil viscosity, relatively low add antifriction additives, so that both can achieve the lubrication antifriction, alsocan have very good cooling and easy filtering. But cutting oil problem is low flash point, smoke in the high-speed cutting is heavy, the risk coefficient is higher, and thevolatile faster, users cost is correspondingly high, therefore in the conditions allow, as far as possible selection of water-soluble cutting fluid.

    For water-based cutting fluid, forging Fang aluminum alloy that is more important toconsider the rust. Now water aluminum antirust agent commonly used with silicate andphosphate for inter process longer storage time of the workpiece, easy selection ofcutting fluid has phosphate antirust agent in the process, because of long timecontact silicon material and the aluminum will occur corrosion produced silicon spotblack "". Cutting fluid pH value kept in 8 ~ 10, if rust is not good, aluminum is very easy in this alkaline conditions, corrosion. Therefore, water-soluble cutting fluid must have good anti rust performance of aluminum.

    Use and maintenance of two aluminum alloy processing cutting fluid

    Aluminum alloy processing, preparation and use with ordinary cutting fluid is basically the same, only in the dilution water should be more strict selection. Because manyions in water will cause corrosion on the aluminum, if these ion content too much will reduce the antirust performance of cutting fluid, especially during the process of antirust, such as chloride ions, sulfate ions and heavy metal ions. In addition,aluminum antirust agent of some ions and cutting fluid will react and reduce the cutting fluid antirust and stability, such as calcium and magnesium ions. So try to choose the dilution water hardness smaller, or through ion exchange water softeningafter dilution, in order to guarantee the use effect and use life of the cutting fluid..

    Aluminum alloy processing liquid cutting maintenance in addition to such as dailymaintenance of common cutting fluid, aluminium alloy forging Fang said also need topay attention to the following points:

    1, filter

    Because the aluminum alloy in alkaline condition is easy to react to aluminum soap,destroying the stability of cutting fluid, aluminium alloy forging Fang said thereforeshould immediately cut out filter scrap aluminum, aluminum chips and cutting fluid toavoid reaction and affect the use effect of cutting fluid and the service life. Mill in grinding process of aluminum scrap is small and light, it is difficult to settle down, if notfilter or filter is not sufficient, aluminum chips will with cutting fluid circulation systemwas brought to the processing zone and scratch the surface of the workpiece, the influence of processing surface gloss.

    2, pH value

    Because aluminum for cutting fluid pH value is very sensitive, so regularly onaluminum alloy cutting fluid pH value were detected, the aluminum alloy forging Fangsaid such as abnormal should be adjusted in time. The use of pH control in 8 ~ 9, the pH value is too high to avoid corrosion of the workpiece or the pH value is too low to make the bacteria multiply and affect the stability and performance of cutting fluid.

    3, regularly adding new liquid

    Both to ensure good lubrication cutting fluid, also ensures the cutting fluid good rust resistance and the bactericidal anti-corrosion performance, to extend the service life of the cutting fluid. 

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