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    Held in Shanghai China international industry fair, the old industrial base in manycountries has brought pride of the transformation and innovation of representative products, these contain the advanced concept technology products manufacturingcharacteristics in adhering to the conventional wisdom at the same time, follow the trend of the times, has gradually become the industry benchmark leader to lead the world. Jiade aluminum alloy forging was informed that at present, developed by our own country, the production of forging aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy wheel has become the world's best quality of car wheel hub. In June this year, China's first"magnesium alloy forging wheel production line" completed the main equipment installation and trial forged successful.

    "Yiqing Yijia" top domestic hub in short supply

    "Magnesium alloy than the current aluminum alloy used for automobile wheel hub islighter, better quality. In the auto market is depressed today, this top of thedomestic hub is in short supply." Forging Fang aluminum alloy is introduced, the world hub characteristics of "the highest quality should be light should be good",can be described as component of the lighter, more high technology content."Shown here is the core technology of lightweight hub. In the trial of the newmaterials and at the same time, research and development of forging method is also very critical, it can replace the casting cost savings not only, still can make thewheel with more personalized design ability, closely follow the trend of automobilemanufacturing."

    Colleges and universities "wisdom" enterprise "force"

    In reaching the introduction of domestic cars matching requirements at the same time, the development to achieve a global matching and host. Effective combination of "frontier research idea of first-class production technology and advantage, make the development of enterprise informationization level, product design and process water products, key equipment manufacturing level remain the world's leading."Forging Aluminum Alloy called fang. At present, bulk orders wrought magnesium,aluminum alloy wheel output of this production line has the harvest of Mercedes Benz, BMW, Ford, GM and other top car.

    "In today's market, people often described in one word, that is, the excess. In fact,excess is a structural surplus, rather than high-end production ideas and products."Aluminium alloy forging Fang said that only occupy the high-end, only to have the initiative. "Now the kingdom of heaven have can proudly say that we wheel productsoccupy the top of the world.

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