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    Regular cleaning solar term door and oil when the Boeing 747 aircraft at a speed of 240 kilometers per hour when landing, a moment of landing, each aircraft wheelmust bear the impact force of 17 tons, and bear the impact force is forgingaluminum alloy wheel. According to the guardian of aluminum alloy forging was informed that after several years of research, based on the absorption of space science and technology, super lightweight materials manufacturing trucks is expected to achieve production.

    Volvo technology manager of AB company, Karl Frederick Halton said: "we were simulated by tens of thousands of times in the computer environment, thelightweight models in the same vehicle crash performance and load and otherperformance at the same time, vehicle deadweight is greatly reduced."

    It is indicated that Fang aluminum alloy forging was informed that the European Aluminium Association of materials, reduce automobile weight per 100 kg, every hundred kilometers 0.6 liters of fuel can be saved. If the vehicle weight is reduced 10%, fuel efficiency can be increased by 6%~8%; if the rolling resistance is reduced by 10%, fuel efficiency can be increased by 3%; if the transmission efficiency of the axle, transmission to improve fuel efficiency can be increased by10%, 7%. Therefore, the body becomes light for vehicle fuel economy, vehiclestability control, collision safety will be of great advantage.

    Aluminium alloy forging Fang remind notably, unlike the truck lightweight domestic manufacturers in order to solve the problem and the introduction of toll by weight,in the introduction of lightweight trucks foreign commercial vehicle enterprises,considering the most important factor is to reduce emissions, improve security and stability performance of vehicle.

    For foreign car makers, reduce vehicle weight is to reduce fuel consumption, an important way to enhance the vehicle safety. Lightweight from lightweight engine to body related parts, Europe and the United States has gone through 30 years ofroad. One of the important means of engine related components and body related parts of aluminum. As in American, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, a large number of commercial vehicles are equipped with forging aluminum alloy wheel. Aluminium alloy forging Fang also said: "first of all we would start to reducethe thickness of the steel plate, will then try to use aluminum and carbon fiber materials."

    Aluminium alloy forging Fang said by using aluminum, metal alloy, metal compositematerials and other lightweight components, European car manufacturers to improve the vehicle fuel economy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In 2007,German man of FRP composite materials -- sheet molding compound (SMC) is applied to the TG series heavy truck cab. Mann, Renault, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Yi Weike, Damien Duff and other European heavy-duty truck makers cab material,have a large selection of SMC. These new materials because of its excellent mechanical properties (high strength, high hardness, corrosion resistance,abrasion resistance and so on) and chemical properties (thermal shock, resistance to oxidation and creep), makes the vehicle safety and reliable performance is further improved.

    Foreign car manufacturers are committed to research and development of lightweight vehicle models, aluminium alloy forging Fang said there is another important reason, is that the government in the fuel economy standards continue to improve and reduce the emission of CO2 requirements. While the lightweightvehicle fuel economy in aspects of good performance, let the enterprise tolightweight vehicles as an important means to achieve energy-saving emission reduction.

    Although the United States did not ratify the Kyoto Protocol, but the federal or state governments have enacted to control greenhouse gas emissions standards. And the United States in May 19, 2009, the government of California in 2002 through the discharge standard, automobile exhaust, Obama announced new regulations to limit greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption of automobile in the White House, the requirements in the 2016 car average fuel economy (CAFE) up to 35.5miles per gallon, which increased 42% in 2007 based on the level.

    While the Japanese automobile industry has always been the automobile lightweight column for automobile overall design of an important guiding principle,to spare no effort in automobile lightweight, so long-term down, lightweightautomobile outstanding achievement of japan. By ACEA CO2 reduction planninginfluence, Japan exported to Europe vehicles, by the same control. Japanese exports to Europe's car to CO2 emissions will fall to 140g/km this year, while the 2010 requirements of automotive fuel efficiency to enhance 24%.

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