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    According to the guardian of aluminum alloy forging die forging process was informed that repair the injury is an important link in the aluminum alloy. Because the aluminum alloy at high temperature is relatively soft, high viscosity, poor mobility,easy sticking to mould and produce various surface defects (folding, burr, crack,etc.) in the next procedure before forging Fang, aluminium alloy must be polished, to remind the surface defects repair wound, clean, or in the subsequent processdefects will be further expanded, and even cause forging scrap.

    Aluminium alloy forging Fang understanding repair injury with tools such aspneumatic grinder, pneumatic small cutter, small electric cutter and flat shovel.Repair of injury before the corrosion of ascertaining the defect site, repair the woundto smooth transition, its width should be 5 to 10 times the depth of the.

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