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  • Pneumatic aluminum alloy ball definition and principle are introduced in this paper.

    Application of pneumatic aluminum alloy ball valve in industry is extensive,aluminium alloy forging Fang introduce pneumatic aluminum alloy valve knowledge and principle of work.

    Pneumatic aluminum alloy ball valve is evolved by the plug valve. It has the same movement rotated 90 degrees, is the cock body is different sphere, there are circular holes or channel through its axis. Sphere and the ratio should be such, that is when the ball is rotated 90 degrees, in the import and export of office should be fully rendered sphere, thus cutting off the flow. The valve in the pipe can beinstalled at any position.

    Pneumatic ball valve is a valve with pneumatic actuator. Pneumatic actuatorperform relatively fast speed, switch the fastest 0.05 seconds / time, it is usually also called fast pneumatic cut-off ball valve. Pneumatic ball valve is usually equipped with various accessories such as solenoid valves, air FRL limit switch,positioners, control box, to achieve local control and remote centralized control,switch in the control room can control valve.

    Aluminium alloy forging Fang said pneumatic aluminum alloy valve working principle is as follows:

    1 when the pneumatic actuator is connected with the circuit and system of air supply, the air enters the cylinder through the pipeline of A A or B tube (B cylinder)to push a piston to end the movement, so as to drive the rotating shaft and the ball core is rotated 90 degrees

    2 pneumatic actuators top linking visual device, when the green signs pointing to the "open" word mark the valve open.

    3 reply signal light green light when the valve is in the open position, and the red light when the valve is in the closed position

    4 adjustable valve positioner pipeline flow 5 seat with elastic sealing structure,reliable sealing, easy opening and closing.

    6 the valve stem seal downloading inverted structure, abnormal pressure valvecavity, valve stem will not be hit.

    7 pneumatic piston actuator with a low friction material made of bearing sleeve,inner and outer surface of cylinder treated hard anodic oxidation, greatly improving the service life of the cylinder.

    Aluminium alloy forging Fang said pneumatic aluminum alloy ball valve is widely applicable to natural gas, oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, paper making, electric power, mining, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, daily chemicals, food and beverage, water treatment and air treatment industry, fluid control or regulation and control, and automatic gas dynamic instrument.

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