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    The characteristics of aluminum alloy wheel hub with its beautiful appearance,safety and comfort has won more and more private car owners favor. Now, new models of almost all made of aluminum alloy wheels, and many owners of a friendwill wheel hub the original car used for aluminum alloy wheel hub. Here, the aluminum alloy forging Fang to introduce the maintenance method of aluminium alloy wheel hub.

    1, when the hub temperature is high, should make its natural cooling after cleaning,do not use cold water to wash. Otherwise, can make the aluminum alloy wheel hubis damaged, or even to the distortion of the brake disc and influence the braking effect. Aluminium alloy forging Fang said in addition, in the high temperature use detergent to clean the aluminum alloy wheel hub, will make the surface chemical reaction, loss of gloss, affecting the appearance.

    2, when the hub is stained with difficult to remove tar, if the cleaning agent to no avail in general, usable brush tried to clear, but do not use excellent brushes,especially iron brush, so as not to damage the surface of the hub. Here, the aluminum alloy forging Fang to private owners to introduce a removal of tarremedies: choose medicinal "oil painting" inunction, can achieve an unexpected effect, might as well try.

    3, where the vehicle is local if wet, the hub should be cleaned frequently, in order to avoid the surface corrosion of aluminum salt.

    4, if necessary, clean, can undertake waxing maintenance on the wheel hub, make it shine forever.

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