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    Electric cars in a nutshell is driven by electricity to power the car for the energy . The first electric car manufactured in 1834 , which is driven by a DC motor . Today , the electric car has undergone tremendous changes , the type also varied .
        According to the Guardian noted that aluminum forging , electric vehicles as a green sunrise industry in China has been developing for decades . In terms of electric bicycle , by the end of 2010 , China electric bicycle has reached 120 million , and an annual growth rate of 30% . From the energy point of view , the electric bike is only one-eighth of motorcycles , cars of the twelfth .
        Electric bike has its inexpensive, convenient, environmentally friendly functional advantages , received favored urban lower-middle class . China 's electric bicycle from research and development to the mid-nineties small quantities on the market, since until 2012 production and sales, has shown a substantial annual growth. Due to strong demand in recent years, Chinese electric bike market has maintained growth by leaps and bounds .
    As cities continue to rapidly expand outwards , public transport always keep up with the pace of urban development , electric bicycles, electric tricycles many people have become the only choice. However , electric bicycles , electric tricycles bring convenience to people traveling at the same time , the city has also become a prominent issue .

    Due to road traffic laws and regulations do not provide electric bicycle driver must obtain a driver 's license , which means that the driver does not pass through training and examination , so driving on the road.

    Currently, electric bicycles on the road almost no formal registration . Electric cars identity is not clear, an increase of the traffic control department of law enforcement more difficult. And some big models , body weight , fast electric bike can easily lead to serious security problems , once these vehicle accident, the traffic control department to deal with them is very difficult.

    Buy electric bicycles do not issue any certificates, buy with walking , casual sales of electric cars will inevitably increase the " dangerous drivers " number .

    Statistics show that: now according to the latest statistics , the reserve amounted to 145 million , more than the car ownership . How many electric bikes there are at least the same number of batteries, but replacement of used batteries electric bikes more casual , and is currently used in more electric bikes is lead-acid batteries, lead , heavy metals , improper handling will affect the environment .

    According to the Guardian aluminum forging understanding, management deficiencies are originally convenient electric car chaos caused by the underlying causes . Despite initial technical standards for electric bicycles for 14 years has been introduced so far , but a long time , electric bicycles in the consciousness of people all belong to non-motor vehicles , coupled with the various regions of the management of electric bicycles has taken different measures , so just let convenience efficient electric cars have a " bad reputation ", perhaps only when the electric bicycle production , sale and use of all aspects of standardization, ease congestion electric cars can become a good assistant.

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