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    China promulgated the "defective auto product recall management regulations will be formally implemented from January 1 next year, this means that China began in 2004, the automobile recall system finally upgraded to the national laws and regulations from the departmental rules, it will facilitate the introduction of The car prices consciousness voluntarily recalling will become the norm. Well, the implementation of the Ordinance, the automobile industry and consumers what kind of impact? The largest car site car home recently released a consumer survey shows that 82.8% of consumers recognized the "Regulations" positive impact on the automotive industry, greater expectations; own brand Super Jiucheng consumers eagerly looking forward to the car "three guarantees" policy as soon as possible.
    According to the the Guardian control arm understanding, in the automobile industry in developed countries, the recall has quality assurance and regulations the enterprises generally used car, auto recall also become the norm. Consumers participating in the survey believe that recall the introduction of the regulations means that the the automotive consumer rights lack the legal guarantee of the status quo to change, "Ordinance" will promote the expansion of the recall of a number of record companies, non-discriminatory on the regulations, mandatory car prices vehicle recall, and gradually become customary.

    The Ordinance introduced, at the same time consumers have greater expectations of its own brand. 83.7% of consumers believe that the own brands should accept the challenge of the market, and to enhance the production quality, so the more excellent own brand stand out. 79.8% of consumers think that the the Ordinance effectively preventing auto recall the "double standards" of the inside and outside and other phenomena, to better protect the interests of consumers.

    To tie in with the car "three guarantees" the smooth introduction and implementation of the provisions of the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine has initiated the formulation of the national standards of the "family car" three guarantees "range of types of parts, and the" three guarantees "credentials" by the National Service Standardization Technical Committee is responsible for centralized. Currently, the subject of the draft of the country has been completed and is soliciting the views of the relevant aspects.

    The draft regulations, automotive products since sellers purchase invoices issued within 60 days or within 3000 km mileage, whichever comes first, the main parts of the engine, transmission quality problems, consumers can choose a free replacement engine , transmission.

    Automotive products within the warranty period, the engine, transmission accumulated changed twice assembly, or the engine, the transmission of the same major parts replacement due to quality problems, the cumulative twice still does not use (assembly and major parts replacement times not repeat calculation), consumers choose to replace or return, the seller shall be responsible for the replacement or return.

    According to the content of the draft, automotive products within the warranty period, the steering system, braking system, suspension system, front / rear axle, the same parts of the body, after cumulative changed twice because of quality problems, is still not normal use consumers choose to replace or return, the seller shall be responsible for the replacement or return. Steering system, brake system, suspension system, front / rear axle, the body's main parts, the producers expressed or three bags of evidence, the species should include at least the contents listed in Table 2.

    Draft requirements, consumable parts of the home automotive products, product quality problems in the quality guarantee period, consumers can choose a free replacement of consumable parts. Consumable parts of the species range and its quality guarantee period, expressed or three bags of evidence by the producer. Producer express a range of types of consumable parts, and should not exceed the range listed in table 3.

    According to the the Guardian control arm learned, the survey also showed that 92.3% of consumers want the car "three guarantees" policy as soon as possible, in order to further protect the interests of consumers, the introduction of Ordinance, with the car "three The package "policies to promote the role of each other. It is reported that the department in charge of the car "three guarantees" policy has been adopted in principle, is to be modified. For consumers eagerly look forward to the introduction of the car "three guarantees" is good news.

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